Saturday July 6, 2013

We started early again in Yorkton, packing the bikes in a light drizzle and 60 degree temps. As we prepared to leave at 6:30am the drizzle got heavier and the temps started dropping. We started out slow, getting used to where the puddles were going to be, but stepped it up a bit when the rain let up some.

Stopped for gas and breakfast at another little roadside oasis. The very young waitress in training took our order and 2 minutes later the real waitress came back to confirm our order. I guess she couldn't write down 2 eggs, ham, and white toast right.

Turns out that my rain gear isn't as waterproof as I would have liked.  I guess that's why the pants came with a plastic liner that I didn't bring with.

We have 315 miles to ride tomorrow, I hope the weather clears.

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