Sunday July 14, 2013

We worked on finishing the installation of the saddle bag bar on the left side. Turns out that the crash bar is also bent, so we had to remove it to get the bag rack installed and then fight it back into place. I put on the new clutch lever and then realized that it was for an '08 and didn't fit right. I also noticed that the bottom portion of the clutch assembly was broken off. If they have one in stock, I'll replace that before we head out tomorrow and exchange the levers for the correct set.

Although we did take a day off from traveling we did go out on the bikes to see Fairbanks. Our true mission was to find a car wash where we could wash all of the accumulated road grime and mud from the bikes. Far from being detailed, the bikes looked 1000% better (except mine, it now looks like I dropped it) after some soap and water.

After washing the bikes we stopped back at Pioneer Park to visit the rest of the stuff we missed on Friday night. They had the rail car that President Harding used to travel when he came to drive the golden spike for the Alaskan Railroad.

We walked along and found a little shop with a sign the said "BIG BIG BIG Knife Sale". I asked the guy if that meant a big sale on knives or a sale on big knives. "Both" was his response, so we took a look around in his shop.

He had some very interesting hand made knives with hand forged steel blades and bone handles. Jon bought a 14" model with about a 9" blade, I went for a shorter one at 9 inches overall length with a 4 1/2 inch blade. Jon and I played a round of Put-put golf, he waxed me 46 to 52. We also visited the aircraft museum. They seemed to have lots of crashed planes and wrecked engines. Actually it was a pretty cool museum with everything up close and within arms reach.

We browsed the phone book for places to eat dinner. Ribs sounded good so we chose the RoundUp Roadhouse and Saloon. Jon ordered a half rack of ribs and I opted for a "Famous" cheesesteak sandwich. The girl brought out our plates and we amazed at the size of the half rack of ribs. The thing was 10 inches long and there was at least an inch of meat on each of 6 ribs. Jon couldn't finish them and I eaven helped out.

Back to the hotel where I swapped the new clutch lever back to the old one. At 8:00pm its bright daylight and 83 degrees.

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