Sunday July 28, 2013

We rested well Saturday night. After a 600 mile day in the saddle we were both beat. I actually beat Jon up this morning. For 30 days he gets up before 5 am and now that he's home he sleeps in till 7. Ahh, the comfort of being home.

Diane made us bacon and eggs for breakfast and we puttered around outside for a while, me packing the bike back up and Jon hooking up at least a dozen battery tenders to all of the machines that were neglected while we were gone. At about 8:45 I set out to visit with friends south.

I stopped by the house in Lauren's Turn. Milo filled me in on a couple of issues with the house that we'll have to address but nothing serious. It was early on a Sunday so I only saw one of the neighbors. The lightning horns started going off around 10:30 so I jumped back on the bike and headed down to Plantation.

Heath had cleared a spot in the garage for me so the bike got to sleep indoors on Sunday night. It was stinking hot out and Heath, Shannon and Skylar had been on a breakfast ride so we headed out back to the pool. It is a real hoot watching Skylar in the water, she just loves it. Her feet are constantly in motion doing frog kicks. She even dips her face in the water and splashes with her hands. Grace was there too and we all had a relaxing afternoon floating around, it felt great!

We snacked on crackers and Brie for a late afternoon snack. Later on Joe and Eric & Lori joined us for an excellent chicken sandwich dinner. Joe brought a key lime pie for dessert and Eric brought some spinich rolls. All excellent.

Gotta ride more tomorrow, heading North toward Lake Weir to see if I can get an appointment with the sales people up there and then on to Jonathan's place in Citra.

Sorry that there are only 2 pictures. I forgot where I put the camera.

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