Monday July 29, 2013

Boy did I sleep good last night. Coffee, bagels and cream cheese for breakfast. Pack up the bike again and another early start. Heath had an early appointment and had Skylar daycare duty so we were out the door at 7:15

I ran up the turnpike back into Margate to see if Doug was at the shop. We chatted for about 45 minutes between phone calls and tool finding episodes. It was only 8 am and it was already hot and humid. As I headed back over to the turnpike I caught all of the red lights just as they changed. By the time I got moving fast enough to force air through my jacket I was drenched.

The traffic wasn't too bad through West Palm and once north of the toll booth traffic ran fast. My first stop was in Yeehaw Junction where I was finally able to speak with the Lake Weir people. I let them know that I was riding and would be another 2 1/2 to 3 hours. They seemed OK with that so I got back on the road. Another long run to Okahumpka rest stop on the other side of Orlando, I was making pretty good time. I was told to go around to I-75 and come in to Lake Weir from the west. It was longer but a better choice due to traffic on 27/441 North through Leesburg and Lady Lake.

I spent about two hours with Neil at Lake Weir Living. He gave me a tour of a couple of houses and we talked about costs and such. I now have enough information to make a decision on whether Lake Weir will be an option for me.

After my meeting at LWL I gave Jonathan a call to see if he was at home or out and about. He offered me a room for the night and I accepted so headed another hour North to Citra and the Smokey Oaks Farm. I stopped at the corner grocer and picked up a few beers. I wasn't sure I'd have a place to stow them, but after 30 days on the road you get resourceful.

I had forgotten how loose the sand is in Jonathan's driveway and almost pulled another Dalton Highway. I plowed through and made it safely to the parking pad in front of the house. Chips and dip for snack. The Jalepeno salsa was really good as was the onion dip with real onions. I would regret the salsa dip tomorrow. When Diane got home Jonathan grilled up some fish and we made fish tacos. After dinner Diane hit the rack, she gets up early to go to work. Jonathan and I watched a submarine movie call Phantom. Good cast of characters but they were suppose to be Russians and not one had even a hint of a Russian accent. Good movie regardless, most submarine movies are.

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