Tuesday July 30, 2013

Jonathan fixed me some eggs and toast with coffee for breakfast, I packed the bike, bid Diane farewell as she took off for work. It was early and it was already sweltering out. Ya gotta love Central Florida in the summer.

I found my way over to Jacksonville via back roads from Citra. Actually some pretty good back roads for riding with little traffic. I'll have to remember where they are. I took the I-295 loop around to the North of JAX and headed up US441 into Georgia. I have travelled this route several times before so these roads are all familiar. I had lunch at a place called Breakfast King attached to a gas station. An overcooked double cheeseburger and fries for less than 6 bucks. It had the cook's special seasoning on it and was pretty good except for the dead patties. About 30 minutes later I had to make an unscheduled emergency bathroom break, but it was last night's Jalepeno Salsa, not the burger. Whew, I knew I was going to regret that when I ate it.

Traffic was minimal and I made pretty good time except when traffic backed up behind a line painting operation. The guard truck was CREEPING along. The line of traffic would move inches then stop. The bike was so hot I pulled over in a driveway and shut it down to cool it off. Just as I did the traffic stopped so I didn't lose my place in line. When I restarted it was so hot that it wouldn't idle. I had to keep the rpm's up to keep it running. Fortunately traffic started moving again and I was able to cool it off.

My last gas stop was in Elberton, GA. I got a Gatorade and stood inside in the A/C to finish it. I looked outside and there was an old Jeep Cherokee with both front doors missing. The girl that was driving it said that they were so rusted that the hinges broke off. I guess $500 cars ain't what they used to be.

Another hour and I was back in Seneca. Since it was along the way, I stopped by Kirby's shop on the way home. We chatted about my trip for about 45 minutes. On into Keowee Key and I rolled into the garage at 5:11 pm. My trip was finally at an end. The long GPS tracks added up to 10638 miles, my trip meter says 10791.3

Well, that's one thing I can checkoff of my bucket list.

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