6/27/2014 - Start on the second wall.

Thursday night I figured I'd get ahead of the game by marking where we would cut the girts to locate the windows on the second side of the building. I marked the locations and made sure all of the lines were straight with a builders square.

Brandon called in at 7am saying that the throwout bearing in his truck finally exploded and that he'd be a little late. He needed to roust his Daddy out of bed for a ride. Rather than standing around we got started on cutting the girt for the first window frame. Brandon came after I had cut the girt and we had notched the base trim for the columns. I turned the torch back over to Brandon for making bolt holes and we continued on with the second frame. I wanted them both installed before we started sheeting so we could just run with the sheeting.

After some adjusting we got the first panel square and plumb. Once that is done the sheeting goes fast. Two sheets, more insulation, two more sheets, more insulation and so on. I measured to cut the panel around the window and we marked the cut out on a panel up by the garage. Brandon noticed that the notch we were cutting out seemed awful small and the vertical line was on a flat part of the panel instead of on a ridge. I sent Leroy down to double check my measurements and he came back with 31 inches instead of 30 1/2. That still bothered Brandon so we sent Leroy back down to measure where the window was in the wall. That's when we realized that I had measured wrong last night for locating the back window. Some how I got the window 5 inches off center in the bay.

The windows are field located so I could have put the window almost anywhere I felt like it. The trim might look different for this window but as big as the building is it's unlikely that anyone will notice. I can tell it still bothers Brandon.

I got another UPS delivery with some more brackets and no instructions today. I called the broker to find out what the status of the stub columns for the front of the building was and to find out what this set of brackets was for. Of course my rep and his boss were both out of town, together. The receptionist said she would e-mail them and have them call me back. In the meantime, I called the number on the paperwork and spoke with a very nice lady in Alabama. She could only tell me that the brackets (clips) were for an order from the Texas facility. I called Texas to talk with the lady that I had spoken with earlier in the week. I left a message for her, she was helpful before. When she called me back, she confirmed that they had fabbed up a new set of stub columns and that all of the brackets I have received would be used. She said that the new columns were shipped fed-ex and that I should have them today. It's 6:15pm now and they haven't arrived yet but they could be the last stop for the truck and arrive as late as 8 or 9pm.

Leroy, Audifaz and Alston (my labor crew) will be back tomorrow and we'll try to finish sheeting the second wall. Brandon will be laying under his truck trying to replace a clutch and throw-out bearing.

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