7/17/2014 - Little progress.

Yesterday, Wednesday, we sat to figure out our plan of attack. I didn't want to continue on the roof until I had spoken with the building guys at Premier. While we were just waiting around, I was paying them anyway, I might as well get some stuff fixed that I had been putting off. Over the winter a sheet of ice slid off of the roof and rolled the gutter so that the water ran behind it instead of into it. Leroy climbed up on the ladder and we determined that the gutter had been attached with 1 inch drywall screws. I found some 3 inch stainless steel deck screws in the garage and we put the gutter back in place. Gave us something to do for an hour.

I had placed a call around noon to Premier about the roof line issue. I left a message for a call back and went over to my Mom's house to wait for the Salvation Army so everybody left early. I didn't hear back from Premier until after 5 o'clock. I was REALLY upset and read Eddie at Premier the riot act. On Tuesday he had told me that someone from Premier would be out to look at my problem on Thursday. When I asked him about that he said he wasn't sure. I hit the roof (that was sagging). He said he would talk to Scott (Premier's owner) and would call back in 10 minutes. Of course that didn't happen.

I fumed all evening thinking up new ways to yell at whoever called next. No one called back which was probably for the best. By morning I had calmed down and got a call early from Scott. I asked about the visit and he said he'd be here at 12:30. I had asked Brandon to be here when they arrived and he came at around 10. At 12:15 I called Scott to find out where he was and he said he hadn't left yet. No THAT'S customer service. Scott and Gary (Scott's 25 year building veteran) arrived at around 1:30, better late than never.

Gary immediately jumped on the scissor lift and started running measurements of the offending roof rafters. He measured this and measured that and all of the numbers matched the design drawings he had gotten from the building manufacturer. I told him to ignore the drawings because they were most likely wrong. After several phone calls and speaking with different people at the manufacturer they determined that something was wrong with the drawings but didn't know what.

I told Scott that he was going to make this right and that I wanted him to finish the roof decking as compensation for all of my wasted time and expense. He agreed and then kept measuring. It seemed like they were trying to measure the problem back to me and it didn't work out for them.

Premier and Schulte finally decided that because the next wall line was correct that they would build be a new wall with 12 inch columns (instead of the 10 inch columns on the carport) and deliver them by Monday. Whle we were standing around reviewing the plans Scott tried to get me to rebuild the front of the building and I told him NO! He had already agreed to his crew installing the front AND finishing the roof for me. I wasn't going to let him talk me into taking responibilty for any issues that might arise from the new wall. I had already built it twice and wasn't going to do it again. He got me to agree to removing the old sheeting and cutting and installing the new sheeting. I was ok with that, but should have made him do the whole nine yards. I am such a softie.

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