7/29/2014 - Bathroom plumbing.

The plumbers were here today to finish the rough-in plumbing. Probably the hardest part for them was chipping out the concrete around the shower drain. If you go back and look at June 12 you'll see where the concrete guys screwed that up. Before they arrived Brandon, Leroy and I built a little stand to keep the hot water heater up off the floor.

Brandon sent Leroy and I over to Lowe's with a shopping list. We got green board, tape, mud and sheetrock screws for sheetrocking and insulation for the bathroom as well as the door I took back over the weekend and some nailing plates, an expansion tank for the hot water heater and some assorted tools.

With lunch in hand, Leroy and I headed back. The plumbers were eating lunch so we did, too. Another Electrician was there to quote for getting service installed. The plumbers had brought thier own lunch in a big lunchbox. Funny thing was is that it was literally a BOX. A big cardboard box with bread and other fixin's in it.

Billy the concrete guy was also there, it's like we were having a party. Brandon was negotiating his best deal to remove the old driveway and pour to the street 12 feet wide and replace all of the old asphalt including the parking area outside the attached 2 car garage.

At 10 this morning the A/C guys were here to quote for a new system for the house. I knew when I bought the house that the system was tired, but it has been struggling that past few days to keep up with the heat. Because of it's age I decided to replace rather than try to repair. I did manage to get a 5% discount by using my Lowe's card. That card is starting to get soft from all of the activity.

I've also got Brandon and Leroy working over at Mom's house fixing the major hits that the pre-sale inspector found. Tomorrow will be a Lake House day. I'm taking the trailer over to get the rest of the stuff out of the garage and meet with the Realtor, Brandon and Leroy will be doing repairs.

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