9/2/2014 - Light work day

While waiting for Brandon and Leroy to arrive this morning I dug the mud out of the french drain. I was lucky that I had a square spade that fit exactly into the drain. Made scooping the dirt out much easier.

Brandon had other stuff to attend to today so Leroy and I decided to attack some simple stuff before we made my shopping lists. We installed the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, about a half hour job. It came out pretty good without any problems. I then had Leroy finish painting the bare OSB panels that I installed over the doors and windows over the weekend.

We made a couple of shopping lists. The first was the parts we'd need to install electrical outlets around the walls and finish putting in boxes for all of the lights overhead. From our list we used HomeDepot.com to order everything we needed. I had to make a couple of compromises in the boxes due to local stock, but it worked out a little cheaper. I placed the order on-line and waited to hear that they had it all prepared. The second list was for parts necessary for building a drain on the East side of the building where water collects next to the building. We'll install a 6" pipe and connect the downspouts directly into it. That way ALL of the roof water on that side will be carried to the rear of the building. We will also put in a ground level drain next to the carport to collect that water and direct it out back.

I was supposed to get an inspector today for my final inspection.

While we waited for the inspector to show, I had Leroy use the lift to seal gaps between the eave struts where you could see daylight. This should keep bugs and critters out and heat in. We waited until 4:15 before we headed out to the plumbing supply house and Home Depot. We were gone about an hour and the permit sheet wasn't signed when we got back so I have to assume he never showed. I gave Leroy a ride home to Fairplay and that was another 45 minute round trip, still no inspector. Guess I'll have to call again in the morning.

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