9/4/2014 - Wire outlets.

While Leroy worked on running the 2 circuits from the breaker box across the garage door for the West side outlets, Brandon and I spread some gravel along the edge of the driveway to prevent rainwater erosion from undercutting the edge of the driveway. After we were done we moved inside to help Leroy pull wires into boxes and wire the welder 60 amp circuit and the compressor 40 amp circuit.

We worked most of the afternoon pulling 4 sets of 12 gauge wire through 3/4 inch conduit. There was JUST enough room. We wired 4 quad boxes with 2 circuits each. We left the breaker box for tomorrow.

I was supposed to get my final inspection on Tuesday. I called yesterday to find out what the story was because my permit card hadn't been signed. The nice lady at the County office said that the computer showed that the final had passed but couldn't confirm who or when the inspection had been performed. Well they sent the inspector out today after everyone had left for the day so he showed up with wires hanging out of the walls and the breaker box wide open. He nailed me for not having GFI protection on the outlets next to the breaker box and a couple of minor leaks in the bathroom. Of course I failed the inspection.

I ordered what I thought were GFI breakers from Lowe's. While I waited for the pickup confirmation I looked into the leak in the bathroom sink drain. Turns out that the drain pipe itself had seperated from the lip in the sink. Cheap Chinese crap.

I went to pick up the breakers I had ordered and bought the replacement parts for the sink. I went ahead and installed the new breakers on the circuits for the box next to the breaker box. I had to rewire because I needed the neutral to reach the breaker and they weren't anywhere near long enough. The wires were less than 2 feet long so no big deal to change them. Good to go, or so I thought.

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