9/7/2014 - Mow the lawn, install drain grates.

I checked the drain grates that Brandon had painted on Saturday and they were dry so I removed them from the rack and laid them out ready to install. After a couple of crossword puzzles I decided I should probably mow the lawn.

I started by raking up most of the two piles of grass leftover from the last mow. It took two bucket loads to get it off to the burn pit. There must have been some hot embers because by the time I dropped the second load the first was burning nicely. I started with the back yard today so I could keep an eye on the burning grass in the pit. I finished up at around 1:30, 2 hours worth of mowing.

After a brief rest, I decided I should try the drain grates to see if they fit. There are 13 three foot sections and a one foot section. All of them fit well except for two. One was because the concrete had been repaired at the lip and they did a crappy job. I just put the grate in place and used a deadblow hammer to coerce it into place. The other was cut just a teensy bit wide but went in with the same type of persuasion. Now I won't have to worry about dropping tires into the drain.

After all of the digging, mowing and grading I've done in the last 2 months, it was time to rinse the tractor off. Just a squirt with the hose took most of it off. I did remove the rubber mat on the floor to get all of the crud that had collected underneath. A little dish soap and a microfiber rag took care of the stubborn stuff.

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