9/11/2014 - Transfer storage units to garage.

It was time to move all of the stuff that was in storage to the new garage. I hired the company that had packed and moved the stuff from Mom's house into storage. One storage unit was packed like a 3D tetris board and when it was on the truck took up half the space. The other was stuff left over from Mom's house and my Florida stuff. Other than a half dozen boxes most of the second unit was loose stuff that didn't pack or stack well. It took about 3 1/2 hours to load the truck.

Once back at the garage we weren't sure that the truck would fit under the carport. Jonathan slowly backed in and we had about 6 inches of clearance. With the truck on the flat concrete it made unloading easier. While Jonathan and his Brother unloaded, I directed traffic indicating where I wanted them to stack everything. I tried to get things sorted out so I'll have little to move later on. I need to dig through my Florida boxes first to see what I can stuff into the house. What we hadn't considered was how much the truck would rise with the weight off of it. On the way out there was only 2 inches of clearance. I guess we would have had to let air out of the tires if it hadn't cleared.

They had the truck packed full to the back door and there were still some things I had to go back for after they had unloaded. I hooked up the big trailer, stopped by the recycle center to drop off some scrap steel and headed back over to the storage unit. What was left was aluminum for welding, all of my wood clamps, an old wooden table top, some loose motorcycle parts and the giant skid I made when I brought the bike up from Florida. It was so wide it didn't fit inside the trailer.

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